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Mini, horizontal compactors designed to fit inside apartment buildings and confined spaces. 
Compactors come with either a bagging or container option, depending on building/space requirements. Dual cylinder option provides additional space saving.
All compactors are custom designed.
Structural Specifications:
Body: Floor – 3/8” steel plate reinforced with 3” structural channel
Sides: ¼” steel plate
Ram: Face – 3/8” steel plate reinforced with 1/4'”
UHMW Guide Systems
Available options:
  • Dual or single cylinder design
  • Container attachment - 1 ½ YD – 3 YD compaction container
  • Bagging attachment – tube linked to bagger
Please contact a sales representative for more information on dimensions, weight, compaction force, ram face, cycle time, hydraulic system and electrical system.