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Cooper Tank Recycling Receives RCI Certification

Posted by Naomi Cooper on

Recycling C&D materials at a high-performing, RCI Certified facility can contribute up to 3 LEED points to a Project….


Cooper Tank Recycling of Brooklyn, NY, one of the City’s largest Construction & Demolition Debris (C&D) transfer stations, is the first (and only) recycling facility in NY to have received certification from the Recycling Certification Institute (RCI).  The US Green Building Council recently announced that they will provide an extra LEED point for C&D material that is taken to certified facilities such as Cooper's.


The program, developed by the Construction & Demolition Recyclers Association & USGBC, strives to ensure integrity, transparency and reliability in the recovery / recycling reports of participating C&D recycling facilities. The Pilot Credit 3rd Point was added to the LEED Pilot Credit Library in May 2014.


Per MRpc87, project teams must:

  • Meet the minimum recycling requirements of the C&D credit(s) in the applicable LEED rating system; and,
  • Utilize a recycling facility that processes and recycles comingled C&D materials that has received third party certification of their recycling rates.


As one of the largest members of the City’s private waste and recycling industry, Cooper’s objectives fall squarely within the sustainability sphere.  Recycling is an important responsibility which now has to be taken more seriously by all the stakeholders of our City after the introduction of our Mayor’s Zero Waste Goal.


RCI certification aims to provide greater confidence for architects & planners in the issuance of LEED points, and increased credibility for an industry that can make a major contribution to the achievement of environmental goals.


For additional information, contact Ray Kvedaras at 718-384-7727, or

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